Photographic Resolutions

A new year is time for reflection. I rarely make lists of “resolutions”, but do think about broad goals or lifestyle changes that I would like to pursue in the coming year. Photography has become an important part of my life over the past three years and I intend (resolve?) to continue following that passion in 2012. A question for reflection is: how do I take my photography to the next level?

Part of the answer comes from two blog posts that I wrote in 2009, Living in the (creative) moment, and From Painting to Photography. Why do I want to make each photograph, and what is the essence of what I want to convey? My appreciation for and relationship with nature is ultimately the most important subject for me. I will expand my skills and portfolio by experimenting with different perspectives and lenses, especially using macro and close-up with extension tubes. These ideas will guide my photographic journey in 2012.

Rob Sheppard’s recent blog post, Year’s End, also caused me to reflect on priorities for the new year. He suggests that we must ignore or discard the things that distract us from what is truely important. We are bombarded with so much information every minute of every day that there is no time to pursue our passions and create something new. I often feel that I am over-informed about unimportant facts.

You may have noticed that it has been 18 months since my last post on this blog. Despite my good intentions and a wealth of blog worthy adventures, I have not written about my very interesting photographic journey. I hope to will do better at blogging more frequently in 2012! Rather than attempt to catch up with blog posts about the past 18 months, I’ll conclude this note with three photos that best represent my recent adventures.

I traveled to Alaska in September 2010 with Nick Fucci, primarily to photograph bear at the Redoubt Mountain Lodge. I also brought home some nice photos of Exit Glacier, moose, and pikas on Hatcher Pass. Here is one of the bear photos from Lake Clark that I call “Gone Fishing”. More photos of my Alaska trip may be viewed in a slideshow.

My next adventure was to Italy in May 2011 traveling through Florence, rural Tuscany, and the Cinque Terre coast. One of my favorites is Vernazza, the town were I stayed for three days in Cinque Terre. More photos of Italy may be viewed in a slideshow.

Glacier National Park, a mere 30 minutes drive from my house, will always be the center of my focus on nature and photography. In the coming year I will dedicate more time to discovering unique images and perspectives on Glacier Park. This is one of my favorite images from 2011, fall colors at the old Belton Bridge in West Glacier, built in 1920. 

My next photographic adventure will be in Costa Rica, blog posts coming soon! Have a joyous and creative New Year!

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