Carate Beach Lagoon

I’ve stayed at the Lookout Inn in Costa Rica for the past 5 nights and have been up at 5am each day to enjoy the relatively cool (65-70 degrees) morning and spectacular sunrises. There is a lagoon about 20 minutes walk down the beach from our lodge and I’ve had a great time photographing birds with Nick Fucci. I am here as part of Nick’s Costa Rica photo safari and learning more every day from his knowledge of wildlife, and his guide experience on where to find birds, monkeys, and other great photo subjects in Costa Rica.

The lagoon at sunrise provides beautiful backlit silhouettes. This lagoon is separated from the ocean by a narrow sand bar and attracts many species of water birds. And 10-foot crocodiles have been spotted… I didn’t see one but avoided wading in the lagoon!

This Tricolored Heron wasn’t bothered by our presence and kept fishing for breakfast. A Willet looks on with envy as the heron swallows a shrimp!

Another photo of the Tricolored Heron with a nice reflection in the early morning light.

We were fortunate to watch this pair of Bare-throated Tiger Herons in a mating dance high up on a coconut palm on the far side of the lagoon.

I spent time this morning practicing photography of birds-in-flight and was quite pleased with this shot of a Snowy Egret at the lagoon! 

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  1. Mollie says:

    Your photography has me blown away! Thanks for a spectacular job. I look forward to an Osa Peninsula trip.

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