Living in the (creative) moment

I aspire to be more creative and more artistic, and to make better photographs as a result. I’ve collected a few quotes about this topic, both to share them with you and to enable me to re-read them often. Learn to apply a Zen concept of living in the moment while you press the shutter button and share that experience with others. And when you view a photograph or painting, be mindful of the moment in which that image was made. I welcome your comments with similar quotes or original thoughts.

From Photofocus blog:
“When I look at an image, I want to be able to see the photographer’s journey. I’m not interested in a mere snapshot. I want something more. I want to know that the photographer LIVED that image. That they breathed it, tasted it, smelled it and felt it. I want not only to know the photographer was there, but that they were ALIVE in that scene…that it was part of them.”

Also from Photofocus, Three Things You should Know About Creativity:

  1. If you want to be more creative, start loving yourself enough to give yourself permission to fail. In fact, better yet, don’t even worry about winning or losing. Just DO.
  2. Don’t focus on NEW – focus on authentic. Being original isn’t being new – it’s being you.
  3. And riff. Go out there and jam. Try this and that and then invert it all. Go crazy. Do something you’ve never tried.

Dorothea Lange:
“A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera.”

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5 Responses to Living in the (creative) moment

  1. Tammie Lee says:

    the last quote by Dorothea made me chuckle out loud. So much truth there!

  2. Em-illi says:

    I like your post! And I love "Three things…"… I think that creativity is one of the most important things… Have a nice day!

  3. Julie says:

    Riff … that is my buzz-word for twenty ten. I have a new blog for just that. However, in my case, the riffing is more the text than the image. Although, I hope to go there, too. I want them both – image and text – to be authentically me. Clean, simple, thought provoking. That's the aim, anyways. It might take the entire year to make progress, and still I will want to pare it down to something more basic. I will see.

  4. Gena D says:

    Great post!!! I adore the dorothea lange quote – am going to paste int in my blog too!!!!! In reading your article, it made me wonder if my newfound serenity and highly attentive eye (and other senses) is due to my passion for photography – in fact I'm almost certain!!!! Just FYI: I wrote a post last year on Capturing the moment, which isreally being there in that moment and taking it (the image) while you can – take a look:'s another on Stay FOCUSed : you enjoy!Gena @ thinking aloud

  5. Chritsino says:

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